Megan McRae

Meet Megan McRae, a seasoned educator dedicated to empowering individuals through the English language. With over twelve years of experience teaching English as a foreign language, Megan brings a wealth of expertise and passion to every class. Holding a degree in English, specializing in English as a Second Language from the University of Memphis, she has conducted more than 5,000 online classes, spanning general English courses and tailored programs for industries such as the pharmaceutical, psychology, finance, and IT sectors.
Megan's teaching philosophy centers around creating dynamic and engaging lessons that foster linguistic proficiency and ignite a passion for language acquisition. Whether it's mastering grammar intricacies, refining pronunciation, or honing speaking skills, she tailors each session to meet the unique needs and aspirations of her students.
Megan is also a published curriculum writer, bringing a creative touch to her teaching. She enjoys crafting tailored lessons based on each group's professional goals and needs, ensuring that her students receive relevant and effective instruction.