words colour thoughts - Our Philosophy


Language shapes our way of thinking and gives us possibilities to express ourselves.


We will bring colour into your language classes!


At ELC holistic, creative learning methods, communication and the active application of the English language are our priority.


Therefore, all of our courses and seminars, including the beginners’ courses as well as the challenging and advanced courses are hands on, where your English can directly be applied. They include interactive games and various media and methods, in order to awaken your enjoyment in the language and also to encourage you to actively speak it. This communicative approach allows you to deepen your language skills and use the language effectively and appropriately, depending on the situation; and this not only in our courses but also globally - at work and in your free time.


The friendly, open and personal atmosphere in all our seminars will help you boost your self-confidence using the English language and allows you to learn in a relaxed, motivated and enjoyable way.


We look forward to having you!